Hi I’m Rick, I Make Websites

You need a developer?
I’m a developer!
Coincidence, I think not. :)

So, how would you like to play this?

How can you help?

I’m here to lend a hand with your projects.

I’m at my best when I’m working alongside a designer to produce a stunning, well-coded and performant website or application.

I make websites using modern HTML, CSS (keeping up to date with all the new stuff) and Javascript (if needed). My CSS is written as Sass and kept in check clean and DRY with ITCSS and BEM methodoligies.

For the back-end stuff, I prefer php-based content management systems such as Perch, Craft and (if absolutely necessary—and it’s actually the right tool to use) Wordpress. If no content management is necessary, I veer towards Jekyll. All of this is tied together with build tools like Git & Gulp.

I’m self-taught and more than capable of learning something new, currently learning React. If the technology you use isn’t on this page it doesn’t mean I can’t/won’t do it. Get in touch and let’s discuss it.

Can I see your work?

Most of the work I‘ve done so far this year is still in production (awaiting content—I’m sure you know how it is!). Here are some examples from the past year or so.

I’ve got a case studies page, if you’d like a bit more detail about these (and more) projects.