Hi I’m Rick, I Make Websites

You need a website?
I make websites!
Lovely stuff :)

All sounds good so far, what next?

How can you help?

I only take on projects if I think I can help you solve a problem. For example…

  • You need a website to showcase your work and help build an audience
  • You want to start selling your products online
  • You’re losing customers because your current website is too slow, or no longer meets your needs
  • You’re using spreadsheets and word documents to manage a process and need something bespoke building to take your business to the next level

Or it might be something else. I like a challenge and love solving problems so get in touch, whatever stage you’re at, and I can help you talk through your options.

Can I see your work?

Here are a small selection of problems I’ve been solving recently.

E-Commerce Startup We make natural cosmetics out of a shed in Lincoln. Can you help us sell our products online? Read case study »
Content Management Our business is changing. Our old site has too much focus on news & events and not on the work that we do. Plus, it’s really difficult for us to manage our content. Read case study »
Custom Application I’m using a word document to give my clients their travel itineraries. It’s taking me ages and doesn’t look professional or in-keeping with the rest of my brand. Read case study »
Fast Event Site I need to be able to sell tickets for my next event, while retaining an archive of all my previous events. Oh, and a blog. And, can you make it really fast? Read case study »

What I’ll do

  • Give you honest, no strings attached advice
  • Provide an estimate and schedule of works before we start working together
  • Help you make informed decisions
  • Let you know if changes to the spec will impact on the cost and/or timeframe
  • Make recommendations on how to proceed after the project has launched (launched doesn’t mean finished)

What I won’t do

  • Suggest options I don’t think are right for you (even if that means less £ for me)
  • Restrict your creativity with fixed specifications (it’s ok to change your mind)
  • Charge you for more time than the project takes